911 Phone

Telephony Integration Equipment

Use our DigiTrapTM Integration Equipment line to enhance your business with Caller ID applications such as, Database Lookup, Client Billback, Customer Service, Caller Verification, Telemarketing, and Call Routing

Click on the following DigiTrapTM integration tools

DigiTrap DTS-2040
Capture Caller ID as DTMF digits

DigiTrap DTS-1082
8-line Caller ID interface with ASCII output

DigiTrap DTS-1015     

Convert DID trunks to standard analog lines for connection to all Voice Processing Systems

DigiTrap DTS-5010MF / DTS-5010

Capture framed or unframed MF digits with the DTS-5010MF or DTMF digits with the DTS-5010 model

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